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2017 AL Fusion EYBL Team Training

2015 AL Elite Warriors AAU Team Training 


2013-2016 AL Premier AAU Team Training

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 BwB Slideshow

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“I Develop Champions”

Actual Testimonials from some of the BwB Clients:

It has absolutely been a great oppurtunity to work with a trainer as experienced as Coach Barber. I can honestly say that I have further enhanced my skills. My dribbling skills and decision-making skills have become a lot better along with my confidence level being boosted. It’s rare to find a trainer of his caliber for a great price! I am looking forward to many more workouts with Coach Barber during my quest to excellence and to the next level!-Devin McNeil, FL St C.C. 

My experience with Coach Barber has been great. My game has improved  tremendously. I used to pick the ball up sometimes when defenders approach me. Now I invite them to play me. With Coach Barber’s training I mentally approach the game different and with more confidence. Thanks Coach Barber for helping me to be a baller!Walter Arnold Jr. PG (Fisk Univ)


“I enjoyed my experience with Coach Barber. We did a variety of moves to help me work on my game. His drills help work on my techniques and me being very skilled with the ball; something you have to be able to do in today’s game. I look forward to more workouts with Coach in the future. “Brandon Peterson, Sr.  Arkansas State University

“Since I have been going to coach, my game has really improved. I understand what I should be doing in my position when I have the ball and when I don’t. It is a lot of hard work, but its fun to see what I have learned working against other people. I would not be able to do half of the things that I do if it were not for coach. People used to not choose me for pick up games, now when I walk through the gym floor, everyone wants me on their team.”-Quamari Hardy, 112h Grade Hoover High School

“Working with Coach B has improved my skills a lot. He also has taught me to be- come a leader. I can’t wait till next summer!”-Lacey Buchanan, Troy Univ

“Working out with Coach Barber helped my speed has improved, I’m a lot quicker and my shot has improved.”-Ladarius Frazier, Missouri Western University

“When I think about working out with Coach B two words come to mind-“CHALLENGING and DISCIPLINE!”-Sharon Sanders, Freshman, USA

“I’ve never been challenged as much as I have when working with Coach Barber. He pushes me until I can’t go anymore. Coach Barber also taught me some special moves that I can use in a game, before all I knew how to do is drop step, but he showed me the face up move. As a 7th grader I was challenged to practice with seniors about to go to college, because of that I’m a better player.“-Shanice Blutcher (Chattanooga St.)

Coach Barber has helped me realize my weaknesses. He has helped me get ahead of other players because we work when others are not working, and I’m in better shape. Also, while at his workouts I’ve been able to play against some of the best talent, male or female in Alabama.”-Courtney Hunter (Univ of AL)

“I’ve played post for most of my career, but working with Coach Barber has gotten me ready to play guard in college. He has helped me develop my ball handling and my moves to the goal.”-David Murry, Valdosta St

“Coach B has taught me a great deal about the game of basketball. He’s made me into the player I am today. His techniques and skills and drills are second to none.Ellis Dobyne

“I’ve improved my strength and endurance. I learned the correct fundamentals of defense and offense on a high school level. My basketball I.Q has improved.”-Keonna Farmer, Center Point High School (Auburn Univ/UAB)



4 responses to “Training Videos, Testimonies, Slide Show, etc

  1. I’ve been with Coach Barber since 6th grade. He really taught me how to believe in myself and abilities when nobody thought I could play. Coach just kept saying keep playing, keep practicing. The workouts are tough, but they prepare you for real games. BwB is the best training program and Coach is the best coach I have ever had!

  2. Love working with this guy..Coach Barber..

    J. McCall

  3. Training with Coach Barber is a great experience. He’ll improve your game and take it to another level each session. Training with him gave me hope for the younger generation today. Coach Barber training gave me ideas to teach the kids and to get them better as well since they look up to me in my area. (Dothan AL). I appreciate everything you do Coach Barber. Not just for working with me but for your heart and time you put into this to get ppl better all over. Respect! !! . Thanks Coach Barber.

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