Present Clients & Former Players

This is a gallery of some my clients that I currently train, some of my former players and trainees. Some are playing ball on the next level and others are committed to colleges.

I’ve also posted some ”Rising Seniors” that either play for me now or train with BwB who should be “next in line” to play on the next level.

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Former Players Who Took Other Career Paths:

Robyn McGregory-Minor H.S. 2010

Stephanie Jackson-Wenonah H.S. 2010

Portia Key-Hoover H.S. 2010

Whitney Love-Hoover H.S. 2010

Roderick Gulley-Midfield H.S. 2009

Adrienne Anderson-Midfield H.S. 2009

Clayton Barlett-Mountain Brook H.S. 2009

TJ Wilson-Wenoah H.S. 2009

Anthony Hullit-Leeds H.S.-Football Scholarship-2009

Shawn Reed-Erwin H.S. 2009

JT Murdock-Mountain Brook H.S. 2009

Jumun Brown-Holy Family School 2008

Richard Nolan-Parker H.S. 2008

Demetria Hollis-Midfield H.S. 2008

Kenya Murphy-Fairfield H.S. 2008

Erica Baylor-Midfield H.S 2008



One response to “Present Clients & Former Players

  1. Hi,
    Want to get some info about becoming a client. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience @ 205-863-6834 or by email. My daughter is in 9th grade at Hoover High and also plays for the Elite Twisters. Thank you!

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