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Giving “BACK” at Home

August 1, 2012

It’s always good when you can give back. I was able to go home on the weekend of July 22nd, and participate in two basketball functions, hosted by childhood friends of mines.  Lorenzo “Lolly” Hutchinson (Jupiter H.S., Morgan State, Harlem Globetrotters) hosted the Annual Old Skool vs. New Skool game while  Eddie “Lil Eddie” Shannon (Cardinal Newman H.S., Univ of FL, Adelaide 36ers-Pro Team) hosted the Annual “Eddie Shannon Basketball Camp.”  It’s not often that I get to return home due to my own hectic basketball schedule, but they’ve held this event for 3 years now and I was finally able to find time to attend.

I was afforded an opportunity to instruct some youth from my hometown, which also gave me an opportunity to see some old friends whose sons where actually participating in the camp. While working the camp I was able to see old friends/rivals on the court such as Markee James (Palm Beach Lakes H.S., Ball St Univ), Richard Williams (Suncoast H.S., Miami Dade North C.C., Belhaven) Gary McKinnon (Suncoast H.S., Shaw Univ), and AAU Coach Randy Jones. The camp attracted nearly 150 kids.

The Old Skool game was a sight. It would be the graduates of the 90’s vs. the 2000’s…… let’s just say the young legs prevailed dramatically. However it was still fun for me to reunite with former friends/allies such as “Downtown” Freddie Brown (Palm Beach Gardens H.S., Iowa St), Terrance Reed (Forest Hills H.S., Long Island Univ, and Palm Beach Atlantic), Tony White (Dwyer H.S., Brevard C.C.), the aforementioned Gary McKinnon, Eddie Shannon, Lorenzo Hutchinson, Rolando Poochie” Hall (John I. Leonard) and many more. Other childhood friends such as Marlon Shadd (Palm Beach Lakes H.S., Kansas St) the aforementioned Markee James, Telly Andrews (Palm Beach Gardens, Indian River C.C.), William Dozier (Palm Beach Lakes H.S.) were in attendance. It felt good being back home where it all started for me; in Riviera Beach/West Palm Beach, FL. “Ballin with Barber” looks forward to bringing this type and other events to the Birmingham Area!!

Coach Barber, Markee James, Coach Randy Jones, Gary McKinnon, Lorenzo Hutchinson, Richard Williams, and Eddie Shannon