Winning Habits

By Alan Stein

“Champions do not become champions on the court. They merely become recognized on the court.  They become champions because of their daily routine and daily commitment to excellence. Players do not decide their future; they decide their habits and their habits decide their future!”

 Everything begins with how you think and what you think. You have 100% control over your thoughts.

 Your thoughts become your words. 

Your words become your actions. 

Your actions become your habits. 

Your habits become your character. 

Your character becomes your destiny.

 Therefore, being successful at anything is determined by your daily choices and habits.

 Speaking of habits… winning is a habit.  Unfortunately so is losing.

 Winners are confident. Losers worry.

Winners hustle. Losers loaf.

Winners give praise. Losers complain.

Winners listen. Losers talk.

Winners are accountable. Losers point the finger.

Winners are enthusiastic. Losers lack passion.

Winners are great teammates. Losers are selfish.

Winners never quit. Losers give up.

Winners have focus. Losers get frazzled.

Winners have discipline. Losers are weak.

Winners play for ‘we.’ Losers play for ‘me.’

Winners have urgency. Losers procrastinate.

Winners have pride. Losers don’t care.

Winners are coachable. Losers already know it all.

Winners are humble. Losers are cocky.

 Winners prepare their minds and bodies to win on a daily basis.

 Winners do what losers don’t want to do.

 Do you have the habits of a winner?


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