Hoopstarz Classic Perspective

On the September 30, 2011 as I sat in the Univ of AL Coaches Clinic; I had the pleasure of listening to Kevin Eastman, Asst Coach of the Boston Celtics, speak. He made a statement about being prepared for and never turning down an opportunity that arises, and that stuck with me. He told the story of how he became the assistant coach of the Celtics, and had he turned down a speaking/training engagement he never would’ve had the opportunity to become asst coach. Well I said that to say I had a longtime acquaintance call me out of the blue and told me to check my email. I was like “Ok”, and never the less it was an invite to be lead trainer at a NCAA certified event. Well as you probably know I welcomed the opportunity. First and foremost it was an opportunity to do what I love to do which is “Change Lives Through Basketball”, secondly it was a great opportunity to get back in contact with some people that were around early on in my coaching career, and lastly it was a chance to network with some important people; i.e. sportswriters, college coaches and college players.

I must say when I arrived I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that I was PREPARED, so it didn’t matter. Both days were a huge success! I had an opportunity to train some of the best upcoming talent in AL. Girls from as far as Mobile, Huntsville, and Prattville; to name a few, were in attendance. These young ladies were eager to learn; they worked hard, and asked questions. They also received seminars on “What College Coaches Look For” from actual college coaches, they heard from Bamaprepgirls / ESPN Hoopgurlz consultant, and received advice from former college players, and not to mention played tons of basketball.  These young ladies parents were eager participants as well, asking questions, attending seminars, watching the skills training from myself and my staff, and recording their daughter’s games!

So in listening to Kevin Eastman about being prepared and not turning down opportunities to do what you love doing. I can honestly say I gave some young ladies some drills and skills to improve their game, as well as made some MAJOR connections and reconnections along the way!!!!

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Johnson for providing an avenue for these young ladies to be seen, and educated in the game of basketball and everything that comes along with it. Also THANKS for inviting me to be a part of a movement!

Click on “Camps and Events” for camp slideshow and Click “Basketball Training” for videos!!



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